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You want to assess and optimise the search engine ranking of your website in France ?


You want to be visible on google.fr ?


You are looking for an complete strategy in order to be present on Google.fr ?


eGate Referencement is your SEO expert exclusively dedicated to your website.

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Our SEO for France offer is :


• The first phase of the optimization of your website involves a cluster of keywords which are relevant to, and representative of, your market, your business sector, your products or your services. Basing ourselves on an initial list which is representative of your business vision, we look for and test other keywords in terms of how widespread they are, what the competition out there on the French market internet is and how many potential visits they potentially offer. Having addressed these issues in depth, we draw up a set list with ‘priority’ keywords which are focused on more than the others.


• Depending on our initial assessment, and with your agreement, we will either communicate our recommendations to the webmaster or we will optimise your existing website pages (excluding your data-base pages). This involves taking into account your meta-data, also known as meta-tags, using the technique known as ‘url-rewriting’ and offering you a way of increasing the concentration of text on these pages (keyword frequency, page links, images and photos with titles, title modification (tag H1, H2) and text).


• In order to make the text of your website more visible to search engines, we create new textual content in HTML format link with each key word which we integrate into your website and which can be accessed either by an HTML site-map (normally located at the base of the screen) or by a google map (an XML site-map) which we add to your server to make the Google indexing faster and more efficient. In order to create and optimise the relevant pages, we ourselves write the text, with a specific content for each page, we use tried and trusted methods (title, position, repetition, positioning, format etc., which pose no risk to your website, but which are necessary) and we duplicate this content for associated links.


• Once the various phases have been completed, we individually submit your website to the pre-selected search engines as well as to a large number of directories (to general ones, but also to thematic ones which are connected to your business sector or which are particularly widely consulted) on a staggered basis so that there are incoming links or ‘backlinks’ to your website.


• Once your website achieves an acceptable Page Ranking (3 minimum), we can begin the final phase, which consists of exchanging quality links between your website and others (“backlinks”). For Google, the number of links connecting to your website is one of the main criteria for indexing your website in its database. The Page Rank (PR, also known as Trust Rank) is a criterion defined by Google which takes into account the number of websites which link to yours (the number of incoming links, which is why the submitting of the website phase is so important) and the quality of these links. In short, the greater the number of quality websites (which have a high PR and so a ‘good reputation’) which link to your website, the higher the popularity of your website and the more you will be referenced.

We contractually guarantee first page positions in Google.fr,




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